Tyler Engh

Co-Founder & Partner

Early member of Advanced Equities, helping pioneer the field of syndicating venture capital investments.

Tyler brings an extensive network in venture capital and deep financial background, having led numerous investments alongside many top-tier venture firms in Silicon Valley. Prior to co-founding R7 Partners, Tyler was a Managing Director at Advanced Equities, a pioneer in the field of syndicating venture capital investments. Tyler joined Advanced in March 2006 and played a key role during its key growth phase, when the company grew from fewer than 30 people to over 1,800 people, more than 5,500 clients, and $2.6 billion invested in growth-stage venture-backed companies.

Tyler is a board observer at 82 Labs, Carrot and Light Field Lab.

He has a passion for the culinary arts and is a self-trained chef. Tyler received a BS in Finance from Northern Illinois University.