Bloom Energy

Silicon Valley IPO
Silicon Valley
Changing the way the world generates and consumes energy.

Bloom Energy is a unique on-site power generation system that utilizes an innovative new fuel cell energy technology with roots in NASA's Mars program. Derived from a common sand-like powder, and leveraging breakthrough advances in materials science, their technology is able to produce clean, reliable, affordable energy,... practically anywhere,... from a wide range of renewable energy sources or traditional fuels.

Their energy servers are among the most efficient energy generators on the planet; providing for significantly reduced electricity costs and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By generating power on-site, where it is consumed, Bloom Energy offers increased electrical reliability and improved energy security, providing a clear path to energy independence.

The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and its other investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, New Enterprise Associates, E.ON, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs.