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Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Former Tesla engineer created a cure for hangovers.

More Labs develops science-backed supplements that dispatch your daily stressors so you feel your best. More Lab's flagship product is Morning Recovery, an all-natural, ready-to-consume beverage developed by Sisun Lee, a former Tesla Engineer, and Dr. Jing Liang at the University of Southern California. Morning Recovery is full of liver-boosting ingredients designed to support your body’s metabolism after drinking alcohol.

The company’s proprietary technology is centered around the extraction, purification and efficacy of Dihydromyricetin (“DHM"), a powerful flavonoid extracted from Hovenia Dulcis (a Japanese raisin tree) that helps break down toxins in the liver released after consuming alcohol.

The company is based in Los Angeles and its other investors include Altos Ventures, Slow Ventures, 500 Startups and Strong Ventures.