Roam Robotics

Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley
Lightweight exoskeleton that push the boundaries of human mobility.

Roam builds lightweight robotic exoskeleton to enhance strength, speed and endurance for everyday people. Designed to be integrated into your everyday life, Roam’s products allow you to walk, kneel, and stand easier, run faster, and even ski better and safer. Roam is changing the boundaries of human mobility.

Roam’s founding team is among the industry pioneers, who built the first commercial exoskeletons to overcome the body's barriers. The invention of these early exoskeletons was the first major step in giving people the mobile lives they were meant to live. Roam has invented an entirely new approach to exoskeletons, and for the first time, they will exist at a lightweight and low cost. By changing everyday mobility, Roam presents a new chapter in expanding your physical boundaries, which enhances mobility and life in general.

The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and its other investors include Menlo Ventures, BoostVC, Spero Ventures, Yamaha Motors and Valor Equity.